Project Concept

  • About the Project
  • Architectural Concept
  • Landscaping Concept
  • Aydos Country the most natural project of Anatolian Side

    A paradise in Sancaktepe, the highest point of Istanbul... Aydos Forest welcomes you with its refreshing nature and excellent air as soon as you step out... At first, centuries-old pines salute you...

    As you move towards the heart of the forest, you encounter an unexpected surprise. A deep blue lake with all its quietness, all sorts of tones of green revive your journey…

    In Aydos Country, you will experience living next door to a miracle in the middle of the city.

    A brand new housing project which will change your perspective on life...
    Aydos Country...

  • Architectural concept inspired by nature

    A housing project you have never experienced with its cozy environment where you will life safe and secure with your family, the neighborhood culture warming you up with its sincere neighborhood relations and the country life style inspired from nature...

    Exterior facades where we reflect unique harmony of brown and green by inspiring from earth and forest, the mansions we design specially for large families and unique combination of natural stones and timber...

    A unique housing project where you will enjoy embracing life for a lifetime with its spacious balconies...

  • Landscaping mirrored Aydos Forest

    Aydos Country is an extraordinary housing project with passing trails... In this project, we have established paths where you walk joyfully and ponds where you will feel the power of water.. We have decorated your gardens with flowers inviting you living by love...

    We have strengthen your soil by lots of willows, pines, cedars, oaks and lots of trees which will enrich your life...

    We did it for you to feel that you always have the keys of your soul in your pocket by each step and each breath you take...


  • Situation Plan
  • Floor Plan

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Healthy Life

  • Aydos Club
  • Fitness & SPA Club
  • Privileges waiting for you at Aydos Club:

    Aydos Club where you will be pleased to feel that you belong there both with its interior and exterior design and extraordinary services... A specially designed energy center for improving your motivation...

    You will think that you have the life you always dream while, breathing in the sweet forest air on your terrace, enjoying your coffee before your fireplace, laying foundations of your warm, sincere and strong neighbor relations.

    • Fitness
    • Wellness-Spa
    • Indoor Swimming Pool
    • Cafe
    • Fireplace
    • Resting Terrace

    There are lots of reasons for you to feel yourself lucky and privileged in Aydos Country!

  • Your soul will rest too…

    Fitness & Wellness Club will be one your getaway locations where you can do your sports, swim in its indoor swimming pool and get rid of stress.

    You will get rest here by massage or SPA, you will breath a sigh of relief and enjoy a calm and pleasing life.


Bilfen Koleji walking distance
Bahçeşehir Koleji 4 min
Okyanus Koleji 5 min
Doğa Koleji 8 min
Özel Küçük Prens İlkokulu 8 min
4100 Yataklı Şehir Hastanesi 12 min
Koç Lisesi 15 min
Anadolu Sağlık John Hopkins 16 min
Sabancı Üniversitesi 20 min


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